Maids in Singapore have grown to be a typical sight. It’s no longer something that just the elite can enjoy. Based on a current statistics study, you will find 150Thousand maids registered in Singapore. From keeping house to minding the kids to searching following the seniors, maids do all of it. However, how can you, ‘Career Mom’, make sure that your maid does her responsibilities instead of minimal work when you are not home? Could it be luck to locate that perfect maid? Or possibly with proper management can an excellent maid be produced from any ordinary maid?

List it

Just before welcoming your maid to your home, possibly creating a listing together with your spouse may well be a wise decision. Your list could range from the responsibilities she should really do, your expectations of her performance, your policies, etc. You should be as detailed as you possibly can so your maid does not find it difficult being aware of what is anticipated of her. Keeping a duplicate and handing her another copy enables both, both you and your maid, to make use of their email list like a checklist. Handing your maid their email list on her behalf first day ceases complications that could arise later on for example confusion over responsibilities, working hrs, etc.

Your house, your rules

Your house continues to be opened up up to and including stranger in the thought of ‘housework aid’. That’s most likely the idea which hits you initially if you notice your maid the very first time living in your house. Indicate for your maid that privacy is extremely important. Hence an action, for example inviting fellow maids when nobody reaches home, is frowned upon.

Offer her Space

Around you value your privacy, your maid does hers. Do not pry into her personal matters for example letters, telephone calls she makes on her behalf cell phone when her working hrs are gone, where she goes, etc. The kids ought to be trained to respect her privacy. If however your maid is showing indications of depression, anxiety, possibly it’s time to see what’s wrong.


Respect is essential. Your maid might be on your side but that’s pointless to deny her respect and treat her unfairly. Children echo their parents’ actions. Therefore, respecting your maid doesn’t only ease the connection between both you and your maid but also you are setting an example for him or her. Respecting your maid and treated her fairly may even produce better leads to her work attitude. Miss Vimi, an excursion guide, shares of her former maid. “We treated her like among the family and she or he didn’t have problems settling in and also at occasions even went further to obtain things accomplished for us”.

Respect her religion

Allow her to go ahead and take break on her behalf religious holiday, so she will visit her host to worship. Also, don’t pressure your maid to behave (like eat beef or pork), whether it’s against her religious belief.

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