A leaking pipe can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your house and force you to undergo a length repair process. And when the pipe is under a concrete slab, fixing it will be hard. Knowing how to detect water leaks under concrete is important so that you can stop the leak before it results in more serious damage. Here are some tips that can help you.

Be Aware of the Signs

A leak can be a sewer leak or waterline leak. These types of leaks can lead to long-term damage so you must recognize the signs of leaking. Your waterline is leaking if your water bill has skyrocketed, your home’s landscaping has unusual damp patches, the pavement that surrounds your house has cracks and water pressure level is lower than usual.

Just because you don’t notice any of these signs does not mean you are not experiencing a leak. Sewer leaks take place if the foundation has cracks, sewage blockages and backups persist, rodent infestation, law depressions and a bad odor.

Find the Leak

Hydro-static testing can be carried out to detect water leaks under concrete. But only a professional plumber can perform it efficiently. Also, isolation leak testing can be done to test all parts of the plumbing separately. Also, only a professional performs this test.

Serious or combinations of minor water leaks can be detected b doing a simple leak check. After you turn off all sources of water supply, record the water meter’s reading. After a static fifteen-minute wait, check the meter again. If there is a recorded water usage during such period, then there might be a leak.

Do Something to Prevent Further Damage

After knowing how to detect leaks at home, you must prevent further water damage. Turn off the water in your house to ensure that the water can’t continue to damage your property.  Also, call a professional plumber to get any leaks fixed. This is quite essential when the foundation has been damaged. This can compromise your home’s structural security.

Hilton plumbing services and leak detection are available which employ highly-trained and qualified professionals to carry out leak detection and repair. You can expect them to use non-invasive leak detection equipment to find leaks accurately. Thus, they offer service which avoids damage to your property. Use the internet to make your search easier and more convenient. Make sure you do homework well to choose the right plumbing professionals.