A tile roof is an extremely popular roof for homeowners living in warmer locales. Whilst it is designed for long-term performance and longevity, it can degrade after time. However, with proper cleaning, maintenance, and restoration, tile can often outlast other roofing products.

Why Cleaning Is Necessary

Cleaning a tile roof is necessary whether it is made of concrete or clay. That is because cleaning prevents the buildup and accumulation of debris and dirt. It also prevents the growth of mildew and moss. Left unchecked, a roof that has an excess of organic matter will collect moisture, which in turn can ultimately block your gutters. When this happens, your roofing system will be forced to support additional weight.

Unfortunately, some homeowners must leave moss or algae on their roofs as pressure washing can damage tiles. Along with cleaning away the dirt, pressure washing in some instances causes pitting, making the tiles vulnerable to more damage and organic growth. Plus, if a person who is cleaning your roof is not a roofing restoration specialist, he or she may be unacquainted with the various nuances of working with concrete or clay tiles.

Other Reasons for Restoration

Therefore, when it comes to cleaning or restoration, you need to make sure you contact a company that knows what they are doing and can fix your roofing problems. Aside from debris and dirt, other issues can occur that call for restoration. These issues may include a faulty underlayment or missing top flashing, which are types of problems that a professional roofer can recognise before serious damage occurs.

Because tiles fade over time, regular cleaning and restoration is advised. By cleaning and restoring tiles, the effects of fading can be slowed. Restoration can also preserve the freshness of a tile roof. Also, because your home is one of the most expensive investments you will ever make, you need to protect your exterior from the elements. In addition, you have to make sure that your home’s aesthetic qualities are enhanced and preserved.

By opting for restoring your roof’s tiles and keeping them well-maintained, you also will make your investment pay off. Whether your roof is made of tile or another material, roof restoration is an important upgrade. Your roof may also be damaged due to exposure to severe weather or natural disasters.

Restoration Activities

That is why you need to partner with a roofer who will ensure that all aspects of any roofing problem are solved. Restoration includes replacing broken tiles, checking and securing roof flashings, locating and repairing leaks, and repointing ridge capping. High-pressure water cleaning is performed as well. Restoration is complete when top-quality coating and sealing products are added to the roofing material.

On completion of the process, the roof is inspected by roofing professionals to make sure the work is of the highest standard. So, when choosing a company, make sure that they guarantee the restoration work and have a long history in the roofing industry. They should also be fully insured and an accredited provider. Don’t work with a roofer that does not have the aforementioned qualifications.