Driveways generally need to be completely reconstructed from scratch every six to eight years. They are constantly exposed to environmental elements and after a while, moisture is likely to seep into the asphalt driveway, thus causing parts of it to sink and eventually leading to potholes throughout the surface. This can make it very difficult to park your car properly; the suspension will go up and down and after prolonged driving on the same kind of surface, you will eventually end up damaging the suspension of your car.

Paving a new driveway is a pretty simple process. Unless you are a DIY enthusiast and love doing all of the work around the house by yourself, it’s generally not a wise idea to try to pave a driveway all by yourself. Instead, you should call a professional company that specialises in Perth asphalt services. Asphalt is a very durable material that is made of an aggregate of gravel, sand or stone, tightly bound together with the help of crude oil. The asphalt is first heated to a certain point and is then mixed with the aggregate at a facility that is specially designed for the process. This mixture is then loaded onto trucks and taken to its destination, where it is applied. Once the asphalt has been laid and allowed to cool for a little while, you can resume traffic on the driveway. Asphalt pavements generally cool down within a few hours, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for very long. Another reason why asphalt is a great pavement choice is because it has sound-absorbing qualities and is an incredibly cost-effective material.

Here is a step by step guide for getting a new asphalt driveway installed outside your house:

Step 1: Call a Local Company

Start off by calling your local asphalt repair and driveway installation company. The company will want to send over a team to take measurements of your driveway before giving you a quote for installing an asphalt pavement. Since asphalt is considerably cheaper than concrete, you won’t have to worry about paying a large sum of money.

Step 2: Negotiate

It’s always better to negotiate with the company and bring the prices down as much as possible before you commit to them. Since there are so many companies that currently offer asphalt driveway construction, competition is pretty high, and most companies are generally willing to negotiate with their customers to get their business.

Step 3: Let the Experts Work

Once you have agreed to the price and paid the advance, the company will mix the asphalt off-site and then start by stripping your driveway of the older asphalt layers and beginning to install the new asphalt. It will take a few hours to dry and the company will set up a boundary to ensure that people don’t accidentally wander onto the hot asphalt.