Your window glass gives you a view of the world and lets the natural lighting of the sun fill your interior space. Glass remains one of the most basic modern wonders and serves its purpose well. Though it’s not as durable and strong as synthetic clear plastic materials such as polycarbonate and acrylic materials like Lexan and Plexiglass, glass is resistant to the destruction that the sun’s radiation can cause on plastics, and it remains the premier material for use in windows. Unfortunately, clear glass can conduct and radiate heat, reducing energy efficiency in a building, and it is vulnerable to breakage due to severe weather, projectiles, or impact. Modern glass technology has brought impact-resistant and insulating glass products to the market to raise the performance standards of this age-old material, but the cost of replacing your old glass with the newer glass products can be prohibitive.

A Performance-Enhancing Alternative to Glass Replacement

As the glass and glazing industry continues to raise the bar in new glass product performance standards, the adhesives and coatings industry has responded with new, performance-enhancing adhesive films that bond to glass with incredible strength and durability. The very technology that the glass industry is using to make high-performance, high-strength glass laminates possible also makes performance-enhancing films possible that, when applied to the glass panes in windows and anchored properly, results in greater impact resistance and security with the capability to provide shading tints and energy-saving reflectivity. These glass films can be applied to single- or double-pane glass in existing windows with adhesive strength that keeps glass fragments from coming apart in the event of an impact or extremely high overpressure such as in a bomb blast. With structural silicone to bond edges of these films to the perimeter frame of a window and engineered anchor connections between the window frame and the substrate, a building owner can upgrade installed windows without glass replacement.

Impact Resistant Glass Films

Window glass in homes and buildings are the most vulnerable access point for intruders and high velocity projectiles. Modern glass manufacturers achieve impact resistance and safety glass ratings by using high performance, adhesive polyvinyl butyral (PVB) films to bond two panes of glass so that in the event of a high velocity impact or high blast overpressure, glass fragments will remain adhered to the PVB interlayer, preventing dangerous fragments from entering occupied space. Security window film acts in a similar manner when applied to only one pane of glass, upgrading single pane glass lites for safety and security performance. When properly applied to the interior surface of window glass and secured to adequately anchored window framing with structural silicone, the result is a window that provides enhanced security protection.

Performance Versatility

Whether the application be for enhanced safety and security, higher energy efficiency, or merely aesthetic enhancement, glass films are a versatile alternative to glass replacement that can give your home or building a performance upgrade without having to replace existing glass. The ease of installation make glass film an attractive, cost-effective solution.