Deciding to remove a tree can be a difficult process because oftentimes trees provide shade, privacy, and a home to wildlife. However, when a tree begins to encroach on important areas of your home, it may be time to find a tree removal and maintenance service. Often, if the tree is interfering enough, obtaining a removal permit will not be an issue. A high-quality tree removal company will help you navigate this process every step of the way, so it is important to make sure that any services you are considering meet specific qualifications.

Certified and Insured Only

Any tree service or arborist that you consider must have certifications because this will determine their level of professionalism. Most companies will advertise proudly that they are certified and also may be part of specific arborist societies. Additionally, the service should be insured in the rare event of a liability claim or when something goes wrong on the job. Not only will a certified tree service do the job quickly and efficiently, they will also be able to educate you about the trees around your home and give tips regarding maintenance and care.

Proper Equipment

Consider screening potential companies by asking what type of equipment they use. Usually, a chainsaw and ladder isn’t quite enough equipment for tree removal in Perth, and if the company tells you that the workers use spikes during maintenance, this is harmful to the tree. Take a look at any photos on the website and do a quick online search to see what type of presence the company has on local review websites. Compare the results between each company, and then do some research about any answers that are not clear.

Estimates Upfront

Never let a tree service begin work before they provide you with a total cost estimate, including any fees. After you’ve chosen a company and they have come to access the tree(s) in question, you should know whether you need a permit, as well as any cost that may be involved. Occasionally, some tree services inform the customer that the total cost can’t be determined right away and that the total amount will be known after the work is done. If the company has performed enough jobs and correctly calculated labour costs, then they should have absolutely no problem giving you an estimate and staying communicative as the job progresses.

Ultimately, a high-quality tree service will value caring for nature and use the most earth-friendly ways for tree removal. They will have all of the necessary qualifications for the job. If you work with a professional and communicative company, obtaining permits will not be a difficult process, and the tree removal will proceed smoothly, alleviating any stress and concern that you may have had before the project.